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KIC clinic dentists not only continuously improve their knowledge by attending various lectures and seminars, but also share their experience with colleagues. On December 5th, Doctor of Medicine Dainius Razukevičius, shared his many years of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery both in Lithuania and abroad with students of the Faculty of Dentistry of LSMU.

The meeting touched upon important issues that raised discussions: the whole truth about analgesia, comparison of orthopantomogram and computed tomography, minimal tooth removal, removal of wisdom teeth. While reading the lecture, the doctor emphasized to the younger generation that proper preparation is a prerequisite to avoid mistakes. The clinical situation of each patient is individual therefore, it is very important to allow enough time to evaluate the condition of the oral cavity, to delve deeper into a patient’s complaints, requests and conduct the necessary research. Only then will the optimal treatment method be selected. How to choose the most appropriate treatment and how to prepare for it, Doctor of Medicine D. Razukevičius told future dentists by analyzing specific examples. During the lecture, oral and maxillofacial surgeon revealed, how to reduce risk, what factors determine that the treatment is effective and safe and shared other valuable tips to help stay on the professional path.